Need a Flooring solution for Top Decks & Exposed Areas?

Car park decking systems have many functions ranging from waterproofing properties to design possibilities. Sika offers a wide portfolio of car park decking systems for various applications and structures.

From a technical point of view, the main objective for car park decking systems is to protect the reinforced concrete structure in order to avoid the ingress of water and corrosive de-icing salts. Therefore, crack-bridging properties are essential to accommodate the movement of the parking structure, especially with steel frame composite structures and exposed areas. Ramps for example need a higher degree of slip resistance and are much more exposed to mechanical stress, which the systemshave to withstand.

Sika’s car park decking systems can also be designed to the desired colour scheme of your choice. A bright and light car park also helps to improve the safety and security of your car park in order for visitors to feel more comfortable.

Car park of Zurich Airport