Need a FloorJoint System for Car Parks?

Floor joints in car parks are a major challenge in both new buildings and when refurbishing existing structures. Watertightness is one of the key factors in parking structures.

With their connection flanges Sika® Floor-Joint PD and Sika® FloorJoint PDRS combined with Sikadur- Combiflex® systems provide 100% watertightness.

Aesthetics and noise reduction play an increasingly important role. Traditional metal solutions have clear limits in cases where a complicated joint line is present, or when noise reduction is required. Here the Sika®FloorJoint PD joint panel proves its strengths. The carbon fiber reinforced polymer concrete prefabricated panel fits seamlessly and virtually invisibly to the adjacent resin coverings.

In areas where ramps and floors connect, vertical movement in joints can occur. Greater vertical joint movement can be caused by long floor slabs. In such cases Sika® FloorJoint PDRS is the perfect solution. The concentric incorporated rubber seal allows for more movement and protects the joint and Sikadur-Combiflex® system from damage.