Sika ComfortFloor®

The Sika® ComfortFloor® range is suitable for all commercial and public buildings, such as schools, museums, retail, leisure and healthcare facilities, where individual design needs to be combined with comfort and care.

Sika ComfortFloor®is the perfect fit for these busy areas, where personnel stand for long periods of time or where a reduction of noise is needed such as healthcare facilities and schools.

Advantages of ComfortFloor® Explained

Hygienic & Easy to Clean

Hygienic Comfortfloor

The constitution of Sika ComfortFloor® also means it will not support the growth of bacteria or fungus, and because it is completely seamless it is also very easy to clean and thus maintain a hygienic environment in environments where hygine is paramount such as healthcare - Sika® ComfortFloor® is the ideal solution.

Endless Choice of Colours & Design

Hygienic Comfortfloor

We have 70 standard Sika ComfortFloor® colours available, with the ability to produce almost any RAL Classic or NCS 1950 colour as required. This wide range of colours is unmatched by any other type of flooring system and allows for complete design flexibility. Corporate colours can be produced and the floor can even be colour matched to the walls, or to any furniture. Specific patterns are also possible with certain selected systems, if applied by a skilled applicator. The surface can have a matt finish, or even a special artistic effect which is achieved by using special paint brushes and rollers.


BRE Green Guide Rating

Hygienic Comfortfloor

Sika ComfortFloor has become the first resin flooring system to achieve a BRE Green Guide Rating – attaining an A+ the highest rating available.

The BRE Green Guide to Specification enables users to quickly determine the environmental performance of a wide range of typical UK construction specifications. With a simplified A+ to E ranking system that’s based on Life Cycle Assessment data, the BRE Green Guide enables specifiers and designers to consider comparable systems or materials that will collectively reduce the environmental impact of their buildings.

Superior Acoustics

Hygienic Comfortfloor

Sika ComfortFloor® is noise absorbing, reducing footfall and horizontal noise transmission by isolating vibration noise and minimising impact noise.

Seamless Floor To Wall Connections

Hygienic Comfortfloor

Due to its liquid application, Sika ComfortFloor® makes it possible to design your floor as one seamless piece - even colour changes and transitions onto walls can be incorporated in the seamless design. This allows for an aesthetically pleasing finish with improved cleanability and no cracks or joints where dirt and bacteria can hide.

Traditional flooring systems produce gaps and joints when installed, which then become the weakest part of the floor and can allow dirt and bacteria to harbour. These joints are most apparent between the different components, between the floors and the walls, and around columns and entrances. Liquid applied Sika ComfortFloor® Systems are hygienic solutions because they cure to provide a completely seamless, smooth floor with no cracks, gaps or joints - even where there are colour changes in the design or between floor and wall transitions.

Soft, Ergonomic Walking & Standing Surface

Hygienic Comfortfloor

THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORTABLE FLOORING - Sika ComfortFloor® provides a soft feel making it comfortable to walk or stand on, even for long periods of time. The degree of softness varies depending on your chosen system and can help to reduce staff fatigue and injuries caused by falling or tripping.

PLEASANTLY WARM - Sika ComfortFloor® feels agreeably warm when walked on barefoot, unlike cold tiles.

UNDERFLOOR HEATING - Sika ComfortFloor® PS23, PS24 and PS27 systems are compatible with underfloor heating installations. It is fully monolithic with the specific screed and provides the correct level of thermal conductivity.

SOFT WALK - Sika ComfortFloor® is designed with the right degree of softness for walking on and provides an anti-slip quality when dry. It can also help reduce staff fatigue, supply energy and reduce injuries associated with falling to the ground, particularly for those people using walking sticks or wearing high heel shoes

Sika Comfortfloor® System Selector

We have various systems within the Sika ComfortFloor® range to suit various environments and applications. They range from the durable ComfortFloor® Tough system suitable for heavy trafficked areas to ComfortFloor® Pro – a full build up system which includes Regupol matting for additional cushioning underfoot.

Please see the system names and build-ups below. We have a team of experts who can help guide you through the best system specification for your project. Please complete the form below if you would like more information from one of our team.  

Sika Comfortfloor Cleaning and Maintenance Information

PROPER CLEANING AND EVENTUAL MAINTENANCE are needed to ensure that your Sika flooring system stays in the best shape and gives you years of satisfaction.

These solutions are a real plus for environments where customers need a simple way to clean the floor, maintain its appearance and preserve their long-term investment.

However, proper cleaning procedures are needed to offer a considerable reduction in facility operating costs by lowering the need for interim floor maintenance and the time required to strip and install floor finishes, while maintaining a long-lasting aesthetic appearance. All Sika flooring systems are tested in the lab with different cleaning products to ensure customers receive appropriate cleaning instructions. In addition, Sika works with international cleaning solution suppliers such as Diversey Care to provide correct cleaning and maintenance Schedule using our lab test results. They recommend the use of proper agents in conjunction with proper cleaning pads for cleaning Sikafloor® surfaces. Some also offer floor polishes that are dedicated to certain project types such as healthcare facilities. They are happy to provide Sika flooring customer’s high-level after-sales service with a specific focus on cleaning and maintenance.

Sika also provides support for life-cycle cost analyses and maintenance budgets for floors in a wide range of projects.

The Technical Services Department can provide you with a full list of the most suitable options for your floors.

Take a look at the video below on the best way to care for your Sika ComfortFloor®.