Industrial Flooring

Let’s face it, an industrial floor has the toughest job in the building. It has to withstand constant traffic and mechanical wear along with abuse from things like corrosive liquids, high temperatures and impacts to name a few. If the floor can’t handle the stress, everything else is in jeopardy. That’s why so many people rely on Sika, because the beauty of our industrial flooring isn’t just on the outside, it goes all the way down to the core.

Our floors stand the test of time. Each one is designed and installed to suit the specific conditions of that area in that particular industry. There are myriad variables, and we take every one of them to heart. We figure the more time we spend perfecting our floors, the longer our floors will spend with you.

Most people are indoors more than 80% of the day, and Sika is dedicated to improving indoor air quality. Our flooring systems meet or exceed low VOC requirements and contribute to multiple points in the green building certification.

"As with everything that comes out of Sika, our floors and walls have ‘sustainability’ written all over them."

Industrial Flooring Categories