There are many factors to consider when specifying a flooring system for an industrial or commercial setting.  Whether your floor is a new build or refurbishment project – each setting will have its own set of unique requirements that needs to be considered.

Sika's innovative flooring systems are designed by a global research and development team. This allows us to support you throughout the life cycle of a project whether you are a contractor installing our materials or a specifier looking for the best system for your project,


Key Elements to consider include:

  • Aesthetics – the colour, mood, feel and the ambiance you are trying to create is important. It’s a well- known fact in Healthcare the colour is chosen to create the feeling of patient wellbeing.
  • Usage – you must consider traffic volume, type of wheels, weight loading and level of abrasion that the floor will need to endure.
  • Existing – what is the existing substrate? Is it compatible with overlay systems? Are there alternative options?
  • Self Levelling – The importance of choosing a levelling compound that is compatible with the final floor finish, taking into account drying and curing times and compression strength is vital.