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Ferfa Large Commercial Project of the Year 2015

Completed in July 2015, Coleshill Heath Primary School contains a full day care and school nursery, along with community facilities including an adult learning centre, sports pitches and multi-use games areas. The client was looking for a durable, non-slip floor that offered high comfort, excellent wear and impact resistance whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.

The client initially specified vinyl flooring, but after consultation with Zenith Pola Flooring decided on a seamless, liquid applied vinyl as being more suitable for the requirements of the school. Zenith selected the Sika® ComfortFloor® system, a premium, elastic polyurethane with a high-end reputation in themarket place and 10-year guarantee.

Appointed by Zenith Pola Flooring, Sika designed and delivered a 1695m2 ComfortFloor® system throughout the school’s classrooms, corridors, kitchens and toilet areas, which main contractor Morgan Sindall delivered as part of North Solihull Partnership’s continuing investment in the area.


Zenith Pola, Sika and Morgan Sindall collaborated to create a high quality flooring solution that met the project’s requirements exactly.

With durability also key to meet the demands of a busy school building, Sika® ComfortFloor® proved to be the optimum solution. Combining noise suppression and durability with a flawless finish, ComfortFloor® met the client’s aesthetic requirements whilst delivering a hardwearing system that guarantees long term performance.

Ongoing maintenance costs can also be a key factor for schools, and as resin flooring can be applied over existing vinyl and wood surfaces and once laid, there is always the option to refresh it to extend its lifecycle. Sika® ComfortFloor® boasts a wide range of benefits for both the end client and installers.

Easy to apply and ready to use immediately, this was vital on this project which had a tight programme and several trades on site at the same time. Sika has developed a range of high performance ‘seamless’ epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring systems which lend themselves to education projects – with a ‘refreshability’ option.


""Partnership and collaboration have been at the heart of the entire project. Environmental factors have a huge impact on pupil achievement and their learning experience. The company has listened to our needs from both a functional and aesthetic point of view, which will enable generations of children to be inspired and nurtured.”" Nicole Fowles, Headteacher

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