London, United Kingdom

For a new extension, the Grafton Primary School, Islington, wanted high performance flooring that had excellent acoustic performance

ComfortFloor® from Sika®, internationally renowned producer of construction materials, proved the perfect solution.

The extension provides additional teaching space and features top quality sustainable design, from a funnel shaped cantilever roof to photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting. Internally, the design of the building was suited to the expectations of modern educational environments, from acoustic performance to the bright aesthetics that are so crucial to early years education.


Project Requirements

It was essential that the flooring of the classrooms met the same stringent standards as the rest of the build. It had to be easily applied, economical, good looking and exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Rather than specifying a traditional vinyl system, Grafton Primary School opted for the next generation ComfortFloor® from Sika®.

A liquid applied vinyl flooring system consisting of a base layer and a sealer, ComfortFloor® is easily applied, as it is pourable and can be easily worked around columns and corners. Seamless, highly durable to constant foot traffic and able to withstand UV light without shrinking, it offers clients, contractors and specifiers a highly advantageous alternative to traditional flooring.

For its wide range of performance attributes, ComfortFloor® was the ideal choice for the scheme. Primarily, it has superb acoustic performance of 19dB when combined the additional rubber mat underlay from Sika®. This ensured that the movement of teachers and students would cause no disruption to the educational environment.

The composition of ComfortFloor® that grants it such effective acoustic performance also makes it extremely comfortable underfoot – giving rise to its name. This makes it an ideal choice for the education sector, as it ensures busy staff are not uncomfortable after long days on their feet.

Products Used

With a wide range of colours to choose from, Grafton Primary School chose bright yellow and green surfacing. This matched the colour scheme of the classroom and ensured a warm atmosphere for students. As ComfortFloor® has a low maintenance, easy clean surface, it is a perfect choice for use by young children. On top of this, the flooring doesn’t split or tear, meaning it does not trap dirt and is especially hygienic.

Not only does ComfortFloor® look good, it is certified for low VOC emissions, meaning it is soft on the environment too. This is especially good for installers and makes meeting Health & Safety requirements more simple.

Suitable for a range of schemes, from commercial premises to public projects, ComfortFloor® offers the specifier a reliable flooring surface with performance to match. Now complete, Grafton Primary School’s new extension boasts a supreme floor that will stand up to arduous daily usage – and offers benefits of cost, performance and usability over and above traditional vinyl.

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