What is Chemical Resistant Flooring?

Sika manufacture a range of chemically resistant floor and wall coating systems suitable for environments where chemicals and other aggressive compounds are present.

In industrial settings the floor needs to be suitable for the chemicals used in those environments such as acids, solvents and other aggressive chemicals. Floors can quickly weaken if exposed to eroding chemicals; this doesn’t just apply to harsh chemicals used in industry, but everyday spillages in commercial sites too such as catering environments and healthcare settings.

Here at Sika our chemical resistant flooring is tailored to specific industries, with bespoke specifications and fit for purpose guarantees available to ensure peace of mind.

Making sure that the floor beneath your feet is able to withstand the on-site chemicals is especially vital in sensitive food production, manufacturing, healthcare and kitchen environments. As otherwise the floor could become an unsightly and unhygienic blemish prone to bacterial contamination.

Chemical Resistant Floors Categories