Moisture Control


In new construction the delay before fresh concrete slabs can be coated and allow the building works to continue, or the area to be put into service is a major problem. In refurbishment projects waiting for existing concrete moisture content to reduce to an acceptable level for over coating with impermeable resin coatings is also a big problem. Sika® EpoCem® Technology is an innovative solution that can be used to reduce all of this waiting time dramatically.

Save with Sika® EpoCem® technology

Suitable for a concrete substrate which doesn’t have yet ideal condition for application. The floor finishes are usually done under time pressure. If you have to wait until the ideal conditions (pull-off strength 1.5 N/mm2) and humidity (<4 % pbv) in the concrete slab are achieved, then most flooring materials require a waiting time of at least 28 days, according to their data sheets and the respective standards.

You can cut this waiting time significantly by using the unique intermediate layers Sikafloor®-81 or -82 EpoCem®. These can be applied directly onto the new concrete after just 7 to 10 days and also directly on concrete substrates recently prepared by high pressure water-jetting, in refurbishment works for example. The benefit is substantial.