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Installing the correct flooring system is paramount to a safe and productive workplace, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries where the slightest shortfall in hygiene or health and safety standards can have catastrophic consequences for the company and staff concerned.

Sika Flooring solutions for food industries

In areas of food preparation or where highly-corrosive chemicals are prevalent, smooth, non-slip, seamless-yet-durable flooring is required. Ideally, such a system will offer superb resistance to heat, fire and substances toxic in nature, as well as being easy to clean in order to uphold the highest hygiene standards. High-performance flooring and hygienic coating product ranges for walls and ceilings need to demonstrate features that meet all the aformentioned properties to make them the ideal choice for a wide variety of private and commercial applications.

Utilising the best available technologies, the Sikafloor range satisfies these standards for quality and durability. It includes liquid-applied, soft-resin flooring systems; epoxy and polyurethane systems, PU mortars of the PurCem range and PMMA resins out of the Pronto range to achieve this.  

Can't See The Floor Join

Traditional floor coverings, such as linoleum or tile, offer potentially hazardous terrain in areas of high footfall and heavy machinery. Add corrosive, flammable materials – of the sort found in kitchens or chemical plants – to this “busy” industrialised environment, then the need for flooring which offers a solid, seamless finish becomes clear. Resin-based flooring which is free from joints, seams and other features that present opportunity for slips, trips or falls, is also less of a hiding place for dirt, bacteria or other microscopic gremlins. However, powerful chemicals contained within high-pressure cleaning agents have the capacity to damage a floor as well as kill germs; therefore the high-chemical resistance flooring is vital to a surface’s long-term preservation.

Sika flooring’s headline properties – seamless, hard-wearing and slip-resistant – often overlook its other benefits, such as its rapid-curing times and easy application. These additional features are a major plus, as floor refurbishment often takes place during a company’s “shut-down” period, with installers toiling to strict deadlines to ensure staff members have an upgraded workplace upon their return.  

Resin Flooring with Green Class

Resin systems can be efficiently and easily regenerated with minimal downtime and loss of revenue, making it a cost-effective, as well as time-effective solution. Extending the service life of an existing flooring system through the resurfacing of a topcoat compatible with the original floor provides a brand new surface and the option of changing the colour.

Regenerating a thicker floor is possible with diamond grinding pads which remove any existing surface damage and restore a floor to the same glossy surface of a new system. Through its ComfortFloor® range, Sika provides a system with the environmental credentials to match its superb performance properties. ComfortFloor® is the only resin flooring solution in the market to be classified in the BRE Green Guide with an A+ rating, setting a benchmark for sustainability in the industry.

Maintaining the highest-possible standards throughout the workplace, whilst meeting strict health and safety regulations, is perhaps the greatest ongoing challenge for companies containing areas at high-risk of contamination. Thanks to Sikafloor, a proven, high-performance solution is at hand – one which offers the highest form of protection for surfaces and staff alike.