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From schools to hospitals, shops to manufacturing facilities, the importance of specifying a flooring system which is seamless and has a non-slip surface cannot be overstated.

In the healthcare sector alone, the HSE states that over 50% of reported major injuries are related to slips, trips and falls, both to staff and patients. When you consider that these accidents can not only cause serious injury but also fatalities in some cases, it has never been more crucial to integrate slip resistance into a floor finish.

Contaminated Slip Resistant Floors

In areas where the floor will get wet or contaminated through normal use such as in manufacturing facilities, the floor should not be slippery. Increased slip resistance of floor coverings can control the slip risk in some environments, especially areas likely to become wet or subject to other surface contamination. So, the cleanability of the flooring should not be a barrier to the use of slip resistant flooring in foreseeably wet or contaminated work areas.

In the healthcare environment, providers must also show evidence that they adhere to current health and safety performance requirements, which also include more stringent measures of slip resistance. With numerous factors to consider – from incorrect use of cleaning products to heavy use – slip resistance levels should be monitored at regular intervals throughout the service life in order to identify any changes in performance or if improvements are required.

Slip resistant resin floors

High Traffic Floors

As floors with regular traffic will inevitably change over time, it is the responsibility of the building owner or facilities manager to ensure they are up to standard. Available with a textured or slip resistant finish, the application of Sika ComfortFloor® maintains the attractive, seamless finish whilst preventing the need for traditional and visually unappealing anti-slip treads. In many situations the slip resistance of Sika ComfortFloor® can be easily renewed with the simple application of an additional topcoat, reducing the Life Cycle Cost of the flooring system.

Specifying a floor which offers slip resistance is a key consideration in any internal environment and will safeguard against falls and personal injuries to staff or visitors alike. Reputable manufacturers and suppliers will have the knowledge and understanding of slip-resistance and can be a valuable partner in the specification process.