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While every floor has a unique set of requirements, from traffic and mechanical wear to chemical resistance and temperature or fire resistance and rapid curing to name but a few, finding a solution that can meet each element of the specification can be a daunting task.

Sarah James Sika Flooring Marketing Manager
Image: Sarah James, Sika Flooring, Marketing Manager

There’s also the challenge of finding solutions that offer minimal downtime during installation or maintenance. And what do you about the substrate? Will you have to consider a number of suppliers for each element of your system build up or do you turn to a supplier who can offer a complete flooring system, with one single point guarantee?

Making sure each floor component is technically compatible

By choosing a supplier who can offer a complete flooring system, installers and specifiers can be assured of compatibility between each element. One manufacturer’s product may not be compatible with one from another manufacturer. And when you want some expertise, you only have to deal with one technical department not three or maybe four. In terms of a warranty, this approach ensures the entire build-up can be covered by one guarantee.

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Limited space on site for storing flooring materials?

The single point of contact approach simplifies logistics which is also great news for the installer. Instead of having to juggle the delivery of each separate flooring element from a number of suppliers, it’s possible to break down your shipment so you receive delivery of the correct product when you need it, keeping your build programme on track. And when you consider that most sites have limited space, it’s best to avoid all flooring materials arriving at the same time.

The value in a one stop shop from a flooring manufacturer

A one-stop-shop, total flooring solution, enables easier specification, project management and works scheduling. Avoiding the possibility of any onsite late penalties is fundamental for every project to maximize profitability.

Don't just think about the flooring system - how you prepare the substrate is crucial to the finish of any flooring project

Starting with the substrate, the best supplier will be able to offer a range of self-levelling cementitious compounds which can meet an almost unlimited combination of substrate requirements to create a perfectly flat finish each and every time. No matter what the material is below or whatever finish you require on top, self-levelling compounds and primers need to be easy to apply, quick drying and have very low shrinkage, ready for a huge range of floor coverings to ensure flexibility in design and specification.