With Winter about to take hold, floor installers can stay one step ahead of the big freeze with SCHÖNOX HS

Sika’s rapid-curing, self-levelling hybrid compound, which even in extreme cold, is ready for coverage in just 48 hours.

As well as being a true weather-beater, SCHÖNOX HS 50’s bonded screed is the ideal floor solution for many types of renovation projects and applications. It is the latest addition to Sika’s H-levelling compound range; the ‘H’ standing for ActiveDry Technology. This innovative ingredient not only provides SCHÖNOX HS 50’s fast-drying properties, it allows the screed to be pumped at an impressive thickness – from 3mm to 50mm.

As with other solutions in the range - SCHÖNOX HS 10; SCHÖNOX HS 10 F - SCHÖNOX HS 50 combines the best of both worlds; it’s a low-tension calcium sulphate-based levelling compound with the fast drying capabilities of a cementitious system. Despite its exceptional 48-hour curing time, SCHÖNOX HS 50 has very low shrinkage, making it the perfect base for all types of floor coverings and parquet. In terms of industry accreditation, )*. It is also classified to EN 13813 as CA-C35-F10.

Micky Hooper of Sika said:

"While many building projects are forced to come to a standstill in extreme cold, SCHÖNOX HS 50’s rapid-curing, flexible properties ensure floors can be installed. It means the risk of working days being lost to poor weather is reduced, thus increasing the chances of flooring projects being completed to deadline and budget."

With SCHÖNOX HS 50, Sika has developed a rapid-cure for quality flooring – whatever winter has in store.