Global building products manufacturer, Sika, showcased its latest customer initiatives and flooring products during a presentation at its site in Preston.

Attended by Sika customers from the flooring and car park markets, the two-day programme included an in-depth introduction to the company’s new contractor schemes, as well as demonstrations of its new, innovative flooring solutions. Each day concluded with a question and answer session hosted by Sika’s Technical and Application teams.

The first day featured the launch of Sika ParkDeck – a new contractor scheme for companies installing waterproof decking car park systems for new-build and refurbishment projects. The initiative features a range of benefits such as a renewed training package provided by Sika’s expert applications team, and access to the best technical support. Each is designed to ensure that operatives installing Sika products will be laying the best solution for a project to the highest-possible standard. Membership of the contractor scheme, for which formal certification is provided, is at Sika’s discretion. It will be granted to contractors who have undertaken the required training and demonstrated the necessary skill level and commitment to customer care.

The opening day also saw the launch of the Sikalastic® OneShot System – a unique polyurea resin-based sprayed membrane system that provides a crack-bridging, fast cure, hard-wearing, seamless finish for exposed car parking decks. The surface produces a slip-resistant, low maintenance, coloured matt finish. The system’s rapid, effective performance is enhanced by its unique application via special two-part spray equipment. This process allows for savings in on-site labour requirements, overcoating times and material wastage.

Contractor Scheme Registration | Sika ParkDeck

Day two of the presentation focused on the launch of Sika Strata, the new contractor scheme for customers installing flooring solutions for commercial and industrial projects. As with Sika ParkDeck, the scheme is designed to maintain quality standards within the industry and allow contractors access to Sika products and training.

The day also included an introduction to a new addition to Sika’s revered ComfortFloor® range: ComfortFloor® Marble FX, which remains the only resin flooring system to be accredited with a BREEAM Green Guide A+ rating for the system’s entire build-up. This unique decorative system has almost limitless design possibilities and can be tailored to incorporate colours, patterns and imagery to suit a particular need. The system’s bespoke capability is enabled by Sikafloor® 3000FX, which contains a special blend of pigments within the same ‘A’ component.

Once the mixed material is trowel-applied to the floor, it is left for 10 minutes and then reworked using a variety of techniques to achieve different effects within the finished floor. To support the design possibilities, this system has a range of more than 60 colours combinations – from conservative to elegant combinations of grey, to psychedelic purples – to suit all tastes and environments.

Sika Contractor Scheme Video

For customers working in the industrial sectors, Sika has introduced an update to its range of polyurethane cement screeds, Sikafloor® PurCem®. The go-to brand when ultra-heavy-duty flooring is required, Sikafloor® PurCem® now includes a four-pack modular system with a neutral base resin and pouches of pigment. Four new vibrant colours have also been added to the range.

Sika is committed to developing sustainable flooring products whilst maintaining the performance standards expected of an epoxy range. Therefore, the presentation included an introduction to Sikafloor® 2640, a ‘next generation’ epoxy high-build textured floor coating and seal coat that can be used in warehousing and manufacturing facilities, and buildings such as warehouses, airport hangers, car parks and garages. A part of the Sika® MultiDur range of industrial flooring systems, Sikafloor® 2640 has impressive cure times compared to Sika’s standard epoxy - Sikafloor® 264N - as it can be fully-trafficked after two days compared to seven days, which is the industry standard.

Other products covered during both days of the presentation included Sika’s new range of lower-emission, epoxy primers, Sikafloor® 150 and 151, which replace Sikafloor® 156 and 161. Although there is no difference in terms of performance and usage between the old and new products, Sikafloor® 150 and 151 contain a pollutant-reducing low odour which makes for a ‘cleaner’ installation. Therefore, the products exhibit a stronger sustainable performance, which is underlined by their conformity with the environmental standard – LEED v4 EQc 2: low-emitting materials.

"“The Contractor Schemes are designed to help businesses grow by having an association with – and the support of – Sika: a leading global manufacturer in the construction industry. The two-day presentation provided an invaluable introduction to our new flooring products and initiatives. The event was very well attended, and we thank all those who took the time to visit our Preston offices over the two days. Thank-you also to our technical team for their insight throughout the event. We are proud of our new products, which we believe do justice to our reputation as innovators in the flooring industry.”" Bill Woodham (Target Market Manager for Flooring)