Sika® Ebonex®

Discrete Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Anodes

Sika® Ebonex® is a discrete impressed current cathodic protection anode, specifically designed to protect reinforced concrete structures and steel framed buildings. The anode utilizes an innovative ceramic / titanium composite, combined with an integral gas venting system. The system includes Sika® Ebofix Grout, a high density, acid buffering grout used for long term performance. Sika® Ebonex® discrete anodes are available in a wide range of sizes to provide excellent design flexibility.

  • Embedded installation - provides discrete installation, with no added dead weight loading or increase to physical dimensions of the structure.
  • Gas Venting – no build-up of anodic gases can be installed under membranes, coatings and strengthening systems.
  • Economical - low cost method of providing galvanic corrosion prevention to extend the initiation of reinforcement corrosion around patch repairs.
  • Long lasting – Longest life expectancy of any discrete CP - in excess of 25 - 50 years depending upon design.
  • Highest level of protection – capable of satisfying the 100mV depolarization criteria for effective cathodic protection.
  • Proven technology – field verified performance.
  • Deep installation – address multi levels of steel and difficult access.
  • Cost Competitive – Compared to other types of ICCP anodes.
  • High operating current – suitable for use in areas of high density steel.
  • Versatile – can be used in many sectors within the construction industry