Sikamonotop 4400 MIC infographic

The ultimate wastewater works repair product solution

In severely exposed, highly stressed and critically important water treatment structures,
Sika MonoTop®-4400 MIC is an easy-apply cementitious repair system which is proven to resist severe biogenic corrosion prevalent in wastewater assets.the use of efficient, durable materials is also essential to reduce any necessary downtime and – wherever possible – to extend the service life and maintenance cycle.

  • Contains 100% calcium aluminate chemistry to inhibit acid generation
  • A rapid-setting, cost-effective alternative to infrastructural repair strategies
  • Provides structural rehabilitation within a few hours  

Where concrete repair mortars can be used in a waste treatment works

Wastewater treatment infographic

Combating Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion

Sika MonoTop®-4400 MIC is the only total calcium aluminate mortar capable of withstanding the long-term corrosive conditions prevalent in wastewater infrastructures such as sewer pipes, manholes and water treatments.

The Application

Sika® MonoTop®-4400 MIC contains 100% calcium aluminate chemistry, vital ingredient
which induces a ‘bacterio-static effect’ to inhibit acid generation - in concrete, steel and cast iron - at source.

Sika® MonoTop®-4400 MIC offers a fast-setting, cost-effective alternative to infrastructural repair strategies treated with acid resistant materials such as organic resin and fibreglass inserts which continue to allow acidophilic bacteria to breed and grow. It also provides rock-solid structural rehabilitation within a few hours to help minimise closure times of the wastewater system it’s applied to.

Water Treatment Repair Case Studies