concrete repair and protection

The key stages in the concrete repair and protection process

Assessment of the Structure from the Condition Survey

The assessment of a damaged or deteriorated reinforced concrete structure from the condition survey should only be made by qualified and experienced people. This process of assessment must always include the following aspects:

  • The condition of the structure including visible, non-visible and potential defects
  • Review of the past, current and future exposure

Identification and Diagnosis of the Root Causes of Deterioration

Following review of the original design, construction methods and programme, and the assessment from the condition survey, it is possible to identify the “root
causes”of each different type and area of damage:

  • Identify defects and mechanical, chemical or physical damage to the concrete
  • Identify concrete damage due to reinforcement corrosion

Determine the Repair and Protection Options and Objectives

With most damaged or deteriorated structures, the owner has a number of options which will effectively decide the appropriate repair and protection strategy to meet the future requirements of the structure.

These options include:

  • Do nothing
  • Downgrade the structure or its capacity
  • Prevent or reduce further damage with no or minimal repair
  • Improve, refurbish or strengthen all or part of the structure
  • Demolition

Selection of the Appropriate Repair Principles and Methods

To meet the owner’s future requirements, the appropriate Repair and Protection Principles must be selected, and then the best method of achieving each principle must be decided.