Selecting Products for New and Refurbishment Car Parks

When selecting a waterproof decking system(s) for New Build and Refurbishment of car parks, a suitably qualified and experienced Architect/Engineer should always consider the following factors in order to select the most appropriate system to meet their requirement based on the construction of the structure, i.e in-situ concrete, steel framed, composite decks or precast units

Types of Car Park Repairs

Car park Movement
Image: Movement
Car park Atmospheric Carbonation
Image: Atmospheric Carbonation
Car park Thermal Variations
Image: Thermal Variations
Car park De-Icing Salts
Image: De-Icing Salts
Car park Rainwater damage
Image: Rainwater Damage
Car park Mechanical Exposure
Image: Mechanical Exposure
Car park Aggressive Pollutants
Image: Aggressive Pollutants