Hawley bridge strengthening

Sika Concrete Repair Corrosion Survey

At Sika we pride ourselves in our ability to chose the right products and systems for the project needs. Before any concrete repair can take place, the root causes of the corrosion needs to be ascertained and assessed. There are many tools and methods totest the rate of corrosion, its source and the effect on the concrete.

We can organise a corrosion assessment before any products are selected or work is carried out. Please complete the contact form and someone will be in touch to arrange a site visit.

Investigation methods we coordinate:

  • Visual survey of corrosion damage
  • Dust samples for chloride content.
  • Cover meter readings.
  • Carbonation.
  • Steel half-cell mapping
  • Steel continuity
  • Steel corrosion rate mapping
  • Concrete resistivity mapping
  • Factual report