Concrete bridge repair

What repairs are needed for bridges?

Repairing damaged concrete is one of the primary requirements in the maintenance of concrete bridges. Localised spalling or full surface scaling of concrete surfaces has to be repaired with durable concrete repair materials.


  • Full system compatibility (bonding bridge, repair mortar, levelling mortar)
  • Approved for structural repairs where required (e.g. class R3 or R4 according EN 1504-3)
  • Low crack sensitivity
  • Fast and easy application

Sika's Concrete Bridge Repair Products

Our range of bridge repair products includes bonding and corrosion protection primers, hand and machine applied repair mortars, suitable for vertical and overhead application, semi-fluid mortars for efficient bridge deck repairs, plus combined surface levelling and protection mortars, not requiring additional protective treatments (EpoCem® technology).

Concrete Bridge Repair Projects