grouts and fixings for bridges

What are grouts and fixings used for on bridges?

Remedial works on concrete bridge structures often include the requirement for void filling, fixing and sealing or bedding and grouting with free flowing materials. Typical examples are concrete repairs using formwork, high precision grouting under bridge bearing plates, or for cable duct grouting. Additionally flowable resin and cement grouts are used to fix manholes or other steel frames and equipment, where rapid hardening materials are usually required to reduce closure times.

Sika in Grouting and Fixings

Sika provides a wide range of tested and well proven grouts and fixing materials based on all of the different technologies available including cement, epoxy, polyurethane and PMMA. For many decades, Sika has also provided special products for high precision applications such as bearing plates, rail base plates and duct sealing.

Sika's Bridge Grouts and Fixings Products

Structural Bridge Grouts

Structural bridge grouts

Epoxy Resin Bridge Grouts

epoxy bridge grouts