Sika car park

Why Use Sika to Repair Your Car Park?

There are thousands of multi-storey and underground car parks across the UK, many of which date back to the 1940’s. These buildings were often built within tight constraints on limited town centre sites and can suffer from problems related to security and poor environment, poor build quality and layout, low durability and inadequate maintenance and repair.

Predominantly of reinforced concrete construction, car park structures are typically subject to deterioration from the effects of carbonation, water penetration, de-icing salts, automotive fluids and pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Structural defects need to be resolved in order to extend the lifetime of the structure and to address any shortcomings in safety

Car Park Site Surveys and Application

Every car park is different and for any refurbishment works, it is crucial to determine the root causes of deterioration in order to extend the structure’s design life.

As part of our service, we will provide a free site survey and assessment. Thereafter, we will produce a complete specification with recommended product solutions and budget costings. We are supported by a national network of contractors who are experienced in the application of Sika products and will strive to meet your individual needs.

testing for car park repairs

When you specify Sika Systems, 80% of the car park can stay open

Minimal Disruption

When car parks are refurbished, it’s important that there is minimal disruption, as facilities often need to remain open whilst work is carried out. Closure of car parking facilities or access restrictions can lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds for car park owners and operators.

When you specify Sika systems, you can be assured that there will be limited disruption. In fact, 80% of the car park can stay open as normal during refurbishment works.

Concrete Repair Car Park Products

Car parks are subject to deterioration and depending on the condition and rate of degradation, repairs may be needed to keep them in service or to prolong their life.

We offer a range of innovative solutions for concrete repair, including advanced repair mortars, hydrophobic impregnation solutions, corrosion inhibitors and joint sealing solutions for façades and precast concrete.