Upper hundreds car park

New Build Car Parks

As well as for refurbishment work, Sika systems are often used during the construction of new car parks. We have a great deal of experience of working alongside designers, engineers, planners and project teams to recommend car park solutions that help extend the design life of structures and reduce future maintenance cycles. Modern car parks are often built using ‘fast-track’ methods of construction, utilising precast and prefabricated sections of steel frames and concrete decks and stairwells combined with composite structures.

We offer several rapid curing products and our extensive product portfolio helps achieve the design principles of the layout of new car parks, such as ensuring the smooth passage of traffic and ensuring user and staff safety. Sika products are often specified to increase durability on new construction and to present an ideal solution to non conformance with specification. For instance, our concrete protection products provide structures with additional protection against water penetration, de-icing salts, freeze/thaw cycles and chloride ions, ensuring the design life of car park structures is both achieved and extended.

The Lanes car park

Car Park Key Services

  • Unique technical service and support
  • Initial visual assessment of structures
  • Concepts, specifications and detailing
  • Product or system selection
  • Application training on site support
  • Quality control recommendations