corrosion of a concrete pillar base

How & Why Concrete Structures Deteriorate

Concrete is a relatively durable and robust building material but it can be severely weakened by poor manufacture or a very aggresive environment. Concrete degredation can be a cause for concern on its own, or in reinforced concrete structures it may lead to decreased protection to the steel. This in turn encourages corrosion of the steel, often followed by cracking and spalling of the concrete which can lead to structural damage.

Deterioration of concrete is due to:

  • Chemical degredation
  • Corrosion of the reinforcement steel
  • Mechanical attack
  • Physical damage

Underylying contributors to deterioration:

  • Poor construction
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Design faults

Sika's Total Corrosion Management

Sika total corrosion management

Sika has been associated with concrete refurbishment since the company was founded over 100 years ago. We have developed fundamental procedures and pioneering products for the permanent repair and protection of decaying and damaged concrete. To assist owners, engineers and contractors with the correct selection of repair products, Sika has developed a schematic system of approach designed to meet the individual requirements of a structure, its exposure and use.


Sika‘s concrete repair and protection solutions are designed to rehabilitate and restore concrete surfaces back to their original quality and include the following: