Mixenden Court , Sika Total Corrosion Management Project


This CPD provides an in-depth review on how to identify and diagnose the root causes of concrete defects, deterioration and reinforcement corrosion, and explains how to adopt appropriate repair and protection solutions based upon BS EN 1504 principles and methods.

The content covers:

  • An introduction to BS EN 1504, “Products and systems for the repair and protection of concrete structures – definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity”. This standard defines appropriate procedures and characteristics of products used to repair, maintain and protect concrete structures. 
  • An overview of the root causes of concrete damage and deterioration.
  • Appropriate inspection and testing procedures in order to establish an accurate diagnosis, and consideration factors for repair and protection options.
  • Appropriate repair and protection solutions compliant with BS EN 1504 covering repair mortars and other materials, effective concrete repair procedures, corrosion management systems, protective coatings and structural strengthening.
  • Successful case studies demonstrating the main functional products that make up a complete concrete repair system.