Concrete Repair

Ronnie Turner, Infrastructure Manager - Refurbishment

Ronnie Turner of Sika UK

I was visiting an area near to where over nine years ago I specified a refurbishment solution to help solve a problem with a concrete façade, so along with a colleague we decided to visit the site to see how the system was looking to date. 

At the time the college had an existing façade that was constructed using a mosaic tiled pre-cast panel system and due to low cover to the reinforcement, together with cast-in chlorides, the panels were failing with small mosaic tiles popping off and causing a hazard and health and safety concern.

Sika proposed an #innovative specification using Sika Ferrogard® over the mosaic tiles in order to penetrate through the grout lines and reach the steel, the next stage included coating the façade using Sikagard® 545 and Sikagard® 550. 

At the time the client was faced with very expensive cladding specification but choose instead to specify the #Sika system and saved over £1m in refurbishment costs.

When revising the site 9 years later it still looks as good as the day it was installed, showing a great example of a fully sustainable refurbishment specification for concrete repair.  

Building facade for concrete repair
Building facade for concrete repair