Sika has developed a product which not only removes recurrent graffiti with a simple low-pressure wash; it acts as an effective deterrent to illegal anti-fly posting.

Brush, roller or spray-applied, Sikagard®-850 Clear anti-graffiti and anti-fly poster solution requires nothing more than a cold-water hose and clean cloth to make good defaced structures. This simple process eliminates the need for chemically-bound detergents or aggressive cleansers that could cause long-term structural damage. Therefore, Sikagard®-850 Clear – which is polyorganosiloxane-based – also benefits in terms of sustainability. Once applied, Sikagard®-850 Clear leaves a protective finish that cannot be bonded to, hence paint or fly posters will not adhere.

Unsightly graffiti

Safeguarding ‘real’ works of art Sikagard®-850 Clear can be used to protect concrete, masonry, cementitious render and wood surfaces from instances of graffiti and fly posting. Its protective properties can also safeguard street art, which is sometimes dismissed as graffiti, but actually benefits a community by  celebrating its people or culture in the form of a bright and well-designed mural.

As part of a system comprising Sikagard®-850 Activator (for coated substates), or Sikagard®-850 Primer (for uncoated surfaces), Sikagard®-850 Clear provides an effective final layer and permanent surface protection in just seven days. Typically, its long-lasting performance ensures graffiti can be removed more than 20 times without damaging the protection – or requiring a refresher coat – when using non-aggressive cleaning techniques.

Quick, simple and safe application 

Sikagard®-850 Clear supersedes Sika’s inaugural graffiti/fly poster removal solution, Sikagard®-850 AG, on account of its ready-to-use properties – it does not require diluting with solvent on-site. This benefits the user in terms of health and safety, as well as leading to an easier, time-effective application. Sikagard®-850 Clear meets EN 1504-2, a standard that relates to the preservation as well as the protection of structures.

New innovative ‘fair faced concrete’ appearance An undesirable property of Sikagard®-850 AG was the ‘wet look’ appearance after application. This effect can now be reduced/eliminated by incorporating Sikagard®-552 W Aquaprimer to bare mineral substrates before following with Sikagard®-850 Activator and finally Sikagard®-850 Clear. The system is often unnoticeable after application.

Rob Doherty, Senior Product Manager at Sika said: “It’s estimated that the so-called ‘tagging’ or graffitiing of buildings in the UK costs in the region of £1 billion a year to remove, and issues with graffiti and fly-posting are unlikely to be completely eradicated anytime soon. However, with Sikagard®-850 Clear we have developed a solution that successfully tackles such vandalism in a simple, sustainable fashion. Its long-term effectiveness will not only help retain our buildings’ look and stature, it will reduce the costs incurred by having to remove paint and fly-poster damage. It’s a smart way of keeping our built environment clean.”

For more information on the benefits of the new Sikagard®-850 Clear system visit:-  Anti Graffiti Coating | Sika Limited