We’re thrilled to announce that two of Sika’s® high-performing concrete repair mortars have just been granted all-important WRAS approval

Both Sika MonoTop®-4012 and Sika MonoTop®-615 were awarded the quality mark by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme following rigorous testing that demonstrated they meet the high standards set for drinking water by the UK Water Fittings Regulations and Scottish Byelaws. This makes them ideal for use in the UK’s potable water industry infrastructure.

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Sika MonoTop®-4012 - Number 1 for sustainable concrete repair

Sika MonoTop®-4012 is a one-part, cementitious, fibre reinforced, low shrinkage R4 grade repair mortar. More sustainable than equivalent repair mortars, it contains recycled raw materials and the considerable CO2 savings can reduce carbon footprint application activity calculations. It also reduces dust by around 70%.

Part of Sika’s Sustainability Portfolio Management (SPM) range, the difference Sika MonoTop®-4012  makes can be huge. For example, if used in construction of a typical tower block it would save 63kg of CO2. Or as part of a large-scale concrete repair and corrosion management programme involving the restoration of six, 24-storey social housing tower blocks, a total of 378kg of CO2 would be saved. This is based on 42 bags of Sika MonoTop®-4012 being used per tower block, with a 1.5kg CO2 reduction per 25kg bag compared to a conventional repair mortar.

Our MonoTop® range is also a reliable, sustainable choice for the restoration of car park decks and surrounding infrastructure. A typical repairs programme using Sika MonoTop® -4012 for the refurbishment of a 10m x 48m car park site including a concrete deck, soffits and beams would equate to an approximate 126kg of CO2 saving compared to equivalent concrete repair mortars.

Importantly, Sika MonoTop®-4012’s sustainability credentials do not come at the expense of cost-effectiveness. Its unique labour-saving formulation allows the application of up to 120mm in one layer, avoiding unnecessary waiting times between layers.

Sika MonoTop®-615 - Versatile and easy to use

The second WRAS-approved product is the easy-to-use Sika MonoTop®-615, a one-component, cement based, polymer modified, high build repair and reprofiling mortar that meets the requirements of Class R3 of EN 1504-3. Like Sika MonoTop®-4012, it contains no chloride admixtures.

With excellent adhesion to substrates with low strength and lightweight concretes, the low density of Sika MonoTop®-615 makes it especially suitable for overhead and vertical repairs.

Other attributes include low-shrinkage curing, low wastage and high frost and de-icing salt resistance. Its EuroClass A1 fire rating means it’s suitable for interior and exterior use. It too contains waste materials for improved sustainability and has great compressive strength and abrasion resistance.

All these characteristics make Sika MonoTop®-615 a popular choice for structural repair in the water industry, especially those involving drinking water such as our refurbishment of Chatterton Water Tower, Spalding.