Skipton, United Kingdom

Situated in Higher Raikes at the rural edge of Skipton is a striking development of new-build natural stone homes from housebuilder, R N Wooler. Comprising 48 spacious 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties with ‘Wooler’ country character and beautiful gardens, these houses offer views of the Dales and are just a short walk to the thriving centre of Skipton.

Higher Raikes Skipton Sika concrete project
Higher Raikes Skipton Sika concrete project

Project Requirements

The requirement was for 20 garage floors which needed to be finished to a standard befitting of the development’s high quality.

At 18 sqm per unit, the garages provided constricted working space and, as an NHBC-compliant housing development, materials had to be BBA (British Board of Agrément) approved.

TB Construction needed a solution that would meet the project’s timescale and budget requirements – a material which would bequick to install and need minimal finishing.

Sika Solutions

Working together with Readymix Huddersfield, Sika has developed the innovative self-compacting concrete RMX Ezi-Flo that does not require vibration for placing and compaction. With the ability to flow under its own weight it therefore reduces the amount of labour required whilst achieving a high-quality finish. This enabled the rapid installation rate required at Higher Raikes and is perfect for tight spaces.

One of the key benefits of RMX Ezi-Flo is its ability to be placed directly from the delivery wagon chute, finished with a dapple bar and sealed with curing agent; a rapid alternative to the timely and costly traditional method of physically placing the material, levelling with machinery and allowing for the requisite curing time.

Jason Weston, sales manager at Myers Group, said: “Traditional methods of construction are being modernised by new technologies and products that, in a nutshell, make lives easier.”.
“Whilst with many construction projects the cost can be a main bone of contention, value is taking much more of a precedence. For example, the material created with Sika means reduced manpower and less physical exertion, requiring less time on site and limiting the amount of equipment needed; helping to reduce the overall cost of a job.”

"Everything about the specification for this project made it simpler and quicker to deliver. We’ve switched over from the mesh format to ready-mixed concrete with admixtures as it’s much easier and safer to work with. For this project we were able to drive the wagons straight up to the garage doors, direct the chutes inside and move the concrete about. Utilising the new RMX Ezi-Flo material effectively halved the installation time and meant we could deliver double the amount of units in the time allocated, so our men can do four at a time rather than two. Both Readymix and Sika have very good reputations, so their involvement made this a very simple project." Paul Thursby, Director of TB Construction

Project Participants

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