Warwick, United Kingdom

Speed, strength and a sterile environment were top of the agenda for family-owned Little Hill Farm, in Warwick, for the construction of a brand-new, steel-framed, grain storage barn.

The farm, which has been passed down through generations, faced impending economic challenges posed by Brexit and, after identifying a new revenue stream for the business, made the decision to build a 2,000m2, 30ft high grain storage barn to futureproof the business. This would enable the company to increase and flex its grain-holding capacity in order to meet the needs of local demand for years to come.

With the structure erected over a long period of time, the internal concrete floor was the final piece in the business’ expansion puzzle.

Thames Road Recycling concrete project
Thames Road Recycling concrete project

Project Requirements

Due to the nature of the project, and that the space was to be used for storing perishables, G Hutsby & Sons farmers commissioned industrial flooring contractors SC Services (GB) Ltd. to complete the project in a speedy manner that would deliver a durable and clean unit for the long term, with concrete supplied by Smiths Concrete Ltd..

SC Services specified Sikament®-700 superplasticiser for its exceptional water reduction, low air content and speedy and even setting characteristics. Another key consideration for this installation was its location, in that materials were supplied from two separate plants, which called for keen attention to detail and consistency across both production sites.

The concrete was placed using laser guided screed machinery and power-floated to achieve a buffed and polished finish, before contractors applied Sikafloor® Proseal curing agent to enhance surface finish and hardness.

For further protection and durability, Sikaflex® PRO-3 was applied to the construction joints to complete the sizeable project, making the storage facility ready for business.  

Sika Solutions

With a full suite of flooring solutions, Sika always considers a project’s specific requirements and works closely with the client and contractor to deliver the right products, on time and within budget. In this instance, as workability and setting time were key considerations, specification was made all the easier.

A total of 900L of Sikament® 700 was incorporated in the concrete over the course of two days, before 400L of Sikafloor® Proseal was applied, meaning the barn floor was finished in just 48 hours.

The robust end result is a proven, effective solution for the changing market conditions this flexible, family-run farm is now accommodating.