Want to know more about Sika Flooring Joints?

When joints are installed in a flooring system it prevents them from being completely seamless and therefore makes them open for the growth of bacteria and deterioration. Facility managers and site managers often agree that joints are their biggest, most expensive problem when maintaining their floors.

Sika provides a solution to this problem with a range of innovative product and joint sealing options.

Innovative joint panel – vibration-free, noiseless and quick return to service.

The sound and feeling of rumbling over crossing joints in warehouses is familiar to most people. It can feel uncomfortable and cause irritation for your ears and body but up until now there hasn’t been a suitable solution. Even hospital patients have had to endure the unpleasant experience.

Sika can now offer the perfect solution with ultra-thin and almost invisible joint profiles. The profiles are installed on the same surface level as the floor, which means no more thresholds. One benefit of this new system is reduced damage to vehicles, meaning the cost of spare parts for trucks decreases significantly too. A real added value in every respect.


Floor Joints Requirements

Floor joints in industrial areas equipped with conventional steel profiles are subject to high loads when they are trafficked by fork-lifts. If the profiles are not absolutely flat they can cause noise, vibration and blows on wheel bearings. This causes the fork-lifts to suffer and can contribute to a high wear rate of spare parts. The Sika® FloorJoint S joint system is the perfect solution. The prefabricated, carbon fibre reinforced polymer concrete profile can also be retrofitted with little effort. The result is a noiseless and vibration-free ride suitable for all kinds of fork-lifts.

  • Maintenance and repair can be done over the weekend
  • No vibrations when trafficked
  • Significant reduction of wear to components such as wheel bearings, etc. from fork–lifts
  • Grindable, therefore ultra-flat
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy installation and easy repair
  • Easy solution for the connection between horizontal and vertical construction elements
Range of Use

Suitable for use in new constructions and in the refurbishment of all areas where a joint is needed and where the floor joint can be trafficked.


Sika® FloorJoint S is not only suitable for new buildings but also for the refurbishment of defective joint panels where it can be installed easily and smoothly. Only a very short time is needed because rapid resin systems are used to bond the panels to the concrete substrate. This minimizes the interruption of daily operation and thus relieves budget pressure. A smooth plane is achieved by grinding, which prevents reliable beats and noise. Critical floor joints in warehouses and assembly halls, workshops, hospitals and shops disappear quickly and easily.