What is Decorative Epoxy Flooring?

The decorative flooring solutions from Sika allow the creation of an almost unlimited combination of functional and aesthetic requirements. The results of this flexibility in design are rooms so unique and distinctive that people really like and appreciate living and working there.

This product family include a range of options for heavy-duty flooring that are perfect for projects where you want more than a traditional, uni-color design but also need the performance of an epoxy floor. Within the Sikafloor DecoDur family, we offer flooring solutions with different grades of mechanical and chemical resistance, all in a speckled design. Patterns range from a granite effect up to a larger full-flake design and are available in a variety of colours.

Typically, Sikafloor DecoDur floors are installed with a smooth or lightly broadcasted surface texture. At your preference, we can finish the floor with a matte sealer designed to withstand common household and light-industrial chemicals or a tougher, more chemical-resistant, glossy finish.

Where can DecoDur® Flooring commonly be found?




What are the Advantages of Sika® Decorative Flooring Solutions?

  • Low emission
  • UV resistant
  • High performing epoxy resin
  • Light fast
  • High performance alipathic polyurethane resin dispersion


The flexibility in our designs and the advancement in technology used results in rooms that are so unique and distinctive that it will be the main talking point. Benefit from eye-catching flooring that is attractive and durable - ideal for areas that receive heavy and frequent foot and cart traffic.

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