Essex, United Kingdom

Sika® Cleans Up At Basildon Hospital

Basildon Hospital appointed Bagnalls London to carry out redecoration works to three theatres, the recovery room, a corridor and lobbies. Due to the extremely high hygiene levels required in operating theatres the specification was to apply products formulated by Liquid Plastics. Liquid Plastics is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hygienic coatings and Bagnalls is a trained and approved Liquid Plastics coatings applicator. Their Sterisheen SI (Silver Ion) product is a tough, anti-microbial coating that is used in areas that require continual or harsh cleaning. The Silver Ion in the coating prevents the growth of mould, bacteria and yeasts for at least 10 years


The Liquid Plastics coatings were applied by spraying and as the operating theatres and recovery room contain sensitive machinery and air conditioning units, the first and most time consuming task was to mask up all the equipment and air ducts.

Cleanliness was very important throughout and all operatives had to wear overshoes on their boots, clean all their steps, towers and spray equipment before taking it into the hospital and use the anti-bacterial hand lotion whenever necessary.

These areas of the hospital are in constant use so the programme for the redecoration works was very challenging. The work had to be completed during weekends, working from late Friday afternoon, with a completed area ready for handing back first thing on Monday morning. All areas were completed on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.

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