Dry Shake Concrete Hardeners

Concrete Floors and Cementious Finishes

Sika helps owners, designers and project managers select and install the right floors and cementitious finishes.
One of the most critical steps in preparing a new construction facility or renovating/repurposing a building is the concrete floor. Failure to provide an appropriate work surface can adversely affect the profitability and safety of the business operations.

Sika provides a full range concrete and cementitious products and accessory products to help you design,install and finish a concrete floor that is best for your application.

Our support team is available to help you through the construction process.


In warehouses and logistics buildings the concrete slab and flooring are critical to the effective functioning of the operations.

Only by providing the right combination of:

  • Load carrying ability
  • Controlling cracks
  • Treating joints
  • Appropriate tolerances and wearing surface performance

This will a warehouse floor allow the operations to be carried out as expected, with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Any defect in specification or workmanship will be exposed by the constant, demanding traffic found in these environments. Thus, the most important requirement for the floor in warehouse and logistics facilities is to provide a problem-free platform for the operations relating to functionality, durability and economy.


Our dry shake Sikafloor® powders are broadcasted directly onto the fresh concrete – before the powerfloat finish is applied – to create an extremely hard-wearing, monolithic concrete floor. Additional performance can be achieved through various liquid-applied surface hardeners, curing compounds and surface sealers.

Sikafloor® HardTop solutions are commonly found in:

  • Storage, logistics and sales areas
  • Non-critical, heavy duty industrial areas such as dry processing facilities
  • Car parks