Sikagard®-730 Concrete Protect Plus

Concrete and masonry water repelling impregnation in cream consistency

Sikagard®-730 Concrete Protect Plus is an aqueous, solvent based, ready-to-use, cream consistency, hydrophobic impregnation based on a mixture of silane and siloxane materials. Sikagard®-730 Concrete Protect Plus is a high performance water repelling impregnation for the protective treatment of masonry, natural stone, concrete building and other mineral structures. Sikagard®-730 Concrete Protect Plus is CE marked as an hydrophobic impregnation complying with EN 1504-2 (Penetration Depth Class I).

  • Easy to apply.
  • Suitable for most types of building materials.
  • CE marked.
  • One coat application.
  • Fast absorption and penetration.
  • Deep penetration depth.
  • Does not change the appearance of the substrate.
  • Good surface water-beading effect.
  • High water penetration resistance.
  • Long term protection.
  • Can be overcoated with organic coatings.
  • Unlike other hydrophobic impregnations, Sikagard®-730 Concrete Protect Plus will repell water under pressure for a period of time (although not suitable for permanent submergence), making it ideal for flood defences.