As part of the fourth phase of the Fortis Quay development, Sika and contractor Concrete Repairs Ltd were instructed to carry out the structural strengthening at Northill Apartments.

Located in the heart of Salford Quays in Greater Manchester, two miles from the citycentre, the Northill development compromises 270 luxury apartmentssituated within a stunning, 27-storey tower. 

The stylish development is one of a number of new housing schemes in the Salford Quays area designed to cater for the proposed population growth resulting from the second phase of MediaCity UK, a creative industries hub which will house an estimated 80,000 employees by 2034. Indeed, such has been the response from prospective buyers to the Northill development’s arrival on the property market; development company Fortis Group required the tower to incorporate an additional storey. Principal contractor Beaumont Morgan achieved this, in conjunction with installing contractor Concrete Repairs Ltd, by specifying Sika’s Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) fabric dry application system (SikaWrap®) to increase the strength and load capacities of the building’s structural columns.  

A total of 12 structural columns situated on the development’s top three floors were strengthened using
Sika’s CFRP wrap system. The process involved applying two-component thixotropic epoxy- based
impregnating resin and adhesive (Sikadur®-330) to the prepared concrete surface. This provided the ideal surface for SikaWrap®. Comprising woven or stitched, unidirectional, carbon and glass fibre fabrics, this CFRP solution is an increasingly popular solution for reinforced concrete, masonry and load-bearing structures. This is not only due to the strength and durability it provides once in-situ, its lightweight, easy-handling properties leads to its rapid installation, which coupled with its superb adhesion, makes it an ideal solution where downtime of a building is in short supply.

The flexibility of SikaWrap® makes it an appropriate choice for a range of existing buildings and civil engineering structures including bridges to enhance bending, shear or impact resistance. For external and internal use, its performance helps safeguard a building against issues such as long-term fatigue and artificial ageing.

"“The column reinforcement with Sika allowed us to add an additional storey to the building. This improved the viability of the project for the client.”" Daniel Fan, Design Director at principal contractor Beaumont Morgan,

Thanks to the ease of its application, the SikaWrap® system ensured all 12 structural columns within the expanded development were fullystrengthenedand protected in just two weeks. It has provided this standoutresidential development’s additional storey with the foundational stabilitywith which to enshrine its place as a safe and sought after residence formany years to come.

Image: Northill Apartments