Brighton, United Kingdom

In July 2021, construction began on 242 new homes on land to the east of Coldean Lane, Brighton, bringing new affordable options to the area.

A mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom flats in six blocks of five to seven storeys were detailed as part of the plans and made best use of the sloping 3.3-hectare site in which the development was to be situated.

PMC Construction were contracted to undertake the works and through the project’s architects, HGP Architects, Sika was called upon to provide a waterproofing solution for the flats.

Aberdeen harbour concrete project
Aberdeen harbour concrete project

Project Requirements

The sloping location of the site meant that the apartment blocks were to become part of the hillside, presenting some challenges which needed to be factored into any solution.

As specified by the architects, BS8102 waterproofing protection was needed as part of the works and for the project to be a success, the works needed to adhere to NHBC standards.

Furthermore, quick installation times were of the upmost importance for the challenging program to ensure that there weren’t any lengthy delays.

Sika Solutions

3000m3 of Sika® Watertight Concrete (WTC) and 6000m2 of Sika BentoShield® MAX LM was used to create the dual system waterproofing at Coldean Lane, implemented by subcontractor Blanchard Wells for PMC Construction.

The different blocks of flats at the location were very similar in design and size, with substructures requiring two lines of waterproofing protection. The two Sika systems working together provided this.

Sika® WTC, one of the most widely used systems of its type in the UK, incorporates a range of admixtures to improve its resistance to water penetration.

The system is and simple to include in the concrete mix delivered to site, giving confidence to all those involved in the project. Alongside the product at Coldean Lane, a Sika Site Technician was on hand to support the specifier and contractor throughout the project, from design through to completion.

Complex sub-structure geometric shapes at the location meant that the client needed a product which was also easy to apply. The flexible detailing of Sika BentoShield® MAX LM was suited to this and came with a 15-year guarantee when used together with Sika® WTC.

A fully-bonded, self-healing waterproofing system, the sealing technology of Sika BentoShield® MAX LM combines the unique swelling performance of sodium bentonite with high-strength polypropylene geotextiles.

The BBA-certified barrier system is polymer modified to resist contaminated and saline ground water, offering a mechanical bond to freshly poured concrete, eliminating water tracking.

"A challenging design coupled with a demanding programme meant that Blanchard Wells needed products that were both straightforward and quick to install whilst achieving the specified waterproofing requirements. The products detailed surpassed our expectations for installation time, quality, availability and price. With onsite training and inspections, Sika made sure our team had the necessary skills and that high quality levels of workmanship were maintained. We look forward to working on future projects that utilise the Sika team’s expertise and products" Tony Hemsley, Project Manager for Blanchard Wells

Project Participants

PMC Construction
HGP Architects