Sika® Margel VPI-580

Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor

Sika® Margel VPI-580 is a patented vapour phase corrosion inhibitor which is inserted inside concrete structural elements close to the reinforcing steel. The product has been specifically developed to ensure the corrosion inhibitors are released over a period of 12- 48 months. This results in a well bonded layer of corrosion inhibitor around the reinforcing steel resulting in a passivated protective layer that reduces exposure to chlorides, water and oxygen.

  • Proven Technology: 25-year track record.
  • Focused Protection: provides localised protection where actual and potential corrosion risks are high.
  • Economical: low-cost method protecting local areas of reinforcement that are chloride contaminated or contained in carbonated sound concrete, thereby reducing concrete breakout.
  • Versatile: effective in chloride-contaminated and carbonated concrete.
  • User Friendly: installation is quick and easy.
  • Low Maintenance: requires no external power source or system monitoring.
  • Long-lasting: 10 to 20 year service life reduces the need for future repairs.
  • Full System: can be used in conjunction with Sika® FerroGard®, Sika® Galvashield®, Sika® Ebonex® and Sikagard® coating technologies to offer a full Total Corrosion Management System.