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From schedule delays to adverse weather conditions, architects and subcontractors are well versed when it comes to dealing with onsite challenges. A more unusual twist is when the task at hand is actually getting the products to site in the first place. This was the case for Park Homes and Page Architects, who were working to a tight schedule and reliant on materials being shipped across the English Channel to complete four luxury apartments in the sought-after location of West Grove, Jersey. With more than 800 litres of Sikalastic 8800 and 400m of waterbars making the seven-hour journey on the overnight freight ferry from Portsmouth to the idyllic Channel Island, timing had never been more of the essence.This was compounded further still with the application team having to arrive separately on passenger transport, adhering to health and safety protocols. With precision planning, both team and product arrived without delay, allowing for the project to commence on time.

Aberdeen harbour concrete project
Aberdeen harbour concrete project

Project Requirements

The small housing development scheme incorporated waterproofing a new block of garages to ensure they were fit-for-purpose for the four new-build apartments. Sikalastic 8800, a robust pure polyurea with BBA certification, was specified for the residential element of the project due to its short-term rapid curing time and long-time durability; vital for the development’s proximity to the coast. Thanks to its excellent water ingress prevention qualities, Sika’s two-part liquid membrane was installed, boasting fast-curing properties that allows for swift application and the surface area to be trafficked within two or three hours. The hot solution was spray-applied to the 220sqm area across an existing garage block and separate building before curing in just 30 seconds. The space, which included 150 cubic metres of watertight concrete, was worked on later that same day. For added water protection 400m of Sikaswell Hydrophilic Waterbars were installed to provide reassurance against the potential water ingress through the joints in the concrete.

Sika Solutions

No two projects are the same, which is why Sika works close to each scheme its products are specified in, including making sure they actually arrive to site and ensuring timescale, budget and satisfaction are achieved. The experience of the Sika team, combined with the expertise of both Park Homes and Page Architects, meant a suitable waterproofing solution was established promptly and delivered with ease. Taking the time to specify the right products that will not only tick all the boxes at the time of installation but in the years thereafter can prevent any headaches further down the line.

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Architect: Park Homes and Page Architects

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