Sika Waterbar® FB-125

Bonded flexible waterstop for sealing construction joints

Sika Waterbar® FB-125 is a hybrid waterstop with a rough textured surface based on flexible polyolefin (FPO). The waterstop is placed into the fresh concrete and becomes fully embedded in the cured concrete. It provides a fully bonded, durable watertight seal, that prevents any lateral water underflow.

  • Bonded to concrete structure - no lateral water underflow
  • Permanent flexibility
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Long rolls reduce the number of joins
  • No special tools and equipment required
  • No extra recess and detailing of reinforcement
  • No obstructions for concreting
  • Fully bonded for easy repair in case of leakage
  • Resistant to all natural substances in soil and groundwater
  • Durable and robust system
  • Can be combined with other proven Sika waterproofing / joint sealing systems

Sika Waterbar® FB is a fully bonded flexible TPO waterstop with modified, patented surface based on A+ Technology (functional layer).

Basement construction Joints (floor – floor, floor – wall, wall – wall) with Sika Waterbar® FB-125. Can be combined with other known Sika Joint Sealing Solutions.  

Advantages of Sika Waterbar FB-125

Assembly of Sika waterbar with hands applying adhesive tape

Fast Installation

No need to form-pieces, special equipment and skills.

Pull test for Sika waterbar showing chemical bond strength

Robust and Durable

No lateral water underflow.

Illustration showing wall to slab detail with Sika waterbar in reinforced concrete

Straight Forward Design

No need for special rebar design or concrete kicker.

Illustration showing wall to slab detail with Sika waterbar and expansion joint in concrete

Complete System

Sika Waterbar FB is fully compatible with the Sika TPO expansion joint waterstop.

Benefits of Sika Waterbar FB-125
High Performance, Reliable Durable Solution
  • No lateral water underflow
  • Robust and durable
  • High mechanical properties such as flexibility


Easy, Fast Application and Handling
  • Minimal number of joints due to long rolls
  • Easy jointing, by adhering or welding
  • High flexibility and lightweight


  • No extra rebar reccess or kicker required
  • No extra designed details needed
  • No obstructions during concrete casting onsite