Sika has designed the next generation of waterproofing membrane with the launch of SikaProof® A+, a new system for below-ground waterproofing of reinforced concrete structures.

Sikaproof A+ Membrane banner

Building on the legacy of its predecessor, SikaProof® A, SikaProof® A+ has been designed with the very latest technology to provide a modern solution.

The product comprises the same flexible polyolefin waterproofing membrane and has been proven over many years with SikaProof® A, but now employs a unique cementitious hybrid layer, providing both chemical and mechanical bonding with the concrete structure. Fully bonded membranes eradicate the lateral migration of water between the membrane and structure, helping to stop defects in their tracks.

Joints are sealed with a single cold-applied tape reducing complexity at laps and joints. The tape has excellent adhesion to the membrane and incorporates the same hybrid cementitious technology on the rear to give continuity of the same fully bonded, chemical and mechanical bond.


SikaProof® A+ forms the primary component of pre-applied Type A waterproofing, designed for below-ground structures. The product is used for damp-proofing, waterproofing and concrete protection for basements and other below-ground concrete structures.

Benefits of SikaProof® A+

  • Ease and speed of installation, design and details
  • Complete solution – a reduction on the number of products required on a project
  • High flexibility and crack-bridging capabilities
  • High watertightness, tested according to various standards
  • Good resistance to aggressive conditions in natural ground water and soil
  • Temporarily resistant to weathering and UV exposure
  • Can be used in conjunction with Sika® Watertight Concrete (WTC)
  • Can be combined with other approved Sika® waterproofing and joint sealing systems
  • Single tape solution for laps and joints
  • Unique hybris cementitious bonding layer

With the launch of SikaProof® A+, Sika can produce all component parts of a holistic waterproofing system in one factory, helping to cut down on carbon footprint. The product comes with a 20-year guarantee when combined with a Sika watertight concrete system, and customers can rely on the Sika waterproofing team for technical advice regarding implementation.