Sika Resin Flooring

  • Commercial Flooring

    Commercial Flooring

    Our attractive range of durable, anti-slip commercial flooring and screed products are available for all types of commercial venues and environments.

    Commercial Flooring Range
  • Industrial Flooring

    Industrial Flooring

    Flooring for industrial environments such as food & beverage manufacturing, storage and logistics areas and general manufacturing environments

  • Screeds


    By choosing a manufacturer who can offer a complete flooring system from screeds to the final floor finish, installers and specifiers can be assured of the compatibility between each element of flooring installation.

    Our Floor Screed Range
  • Sikagard® Wall Systems

    Sikagard® Wall Systems

    SIKAGARD® HYGIENIC COATINGS FOR WALLS AND CEILINGS have been specifically designed to meet both functional and aesthetic needs for facilities where the highest standards of hygiene are required.

    Our Hygienic Coatings Range
  • Hygienic Flooring

    Hygienic Flooring

    Our commercial flooring range is perfectly suited to providing durable, hygienic flooring for hospital environments, as well as other environments such as schools & education and leisure and retail.

  • Protecting your future steps

    Protecting your future steps

    Specify a floor for your facility that is top of the class in terms of colour options, finished and sustainability.

    Your imagination is the only limitation.