What are Polyurethane Cementitious Hybrid Flooring Systems?

These innovative flooring solutions deliver extreme performance in terms of mechanical and chemical resistance as well as reduced environmental impact. Because they’re durable, low maintenance and available with resurfacing options, our versatile Sikafloor PurCem range of products is gaining global appreciation and can be found in a wide variety of heavy-duty ­applications. The special core technology of an elastic resinous binder reacting with cementitious fillers is what makes this product family resistant to high temperature variations, even thermo shocks for certain designs. Installation on damp concrete surfaces is possible with ­Sikafloor PurCem.

Typically, Sikafloor PurCem floors are installed in a light or heavy anti-slip broadcast or in a full mortar build-up to ensure high performance in wet areas. A smooth/light-textured surface finish is available for dry areas. Sikafloor PurCem Gloss is the latest ­innovation to our Sikafloor PurCem family. This product’s glossy finish allows for significantly easier floor cleaning. Specified with a smooth surface finish and in a low- to medium- thickness, this solution can be an alternative to some Sikafloor MultiDur products.

Where are Sikafloor®PurCem Solutions Commonly Found?

  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Professional kitchens
  • Cool storage areas
  • Heavy duty processing areas, especially wet processing
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