SikaScreed® HardTop-60

Cementitious, rapid hardening, high strength, floor levelling screed

SikaScreed® HardTop-60 is a cementitious, 1-part,rapid hardening, high strength, floor levelling screed and repair mortar for industrial floors. Provides a low maintenance, high mechanical and abrasion resistant smooth screed, suitable as a finished surface or a base layer for resin based coatings. Thickness 8–80 mm. Internal use. External use when overcoated.

  • Rapid hardening screed and repair mortar (≥ 35 N/mm² 24 hours)
  • Long surface finishing window ( > 60 minutes)
  • Usability after ~24 hours hardening
  • Pre-batched,1-part mortar. Only needs the addition of water
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to apply and laid as monolithic flat floor finish or on a slope.
  • High mechanical and abrasion resistance
  • Final trafficable screed wearing layer
  • Screed suitable for underfloor heating (Water and electrical systems)
  • May be covered or overlaid with epoxy, PU or hybrid flooring systems after 18 hours
  • Application of specific resin-based flooring primer within hours after placing SikaScreed® HardTop-60
  • Exterior use with surface impregnation / coating protection