Grantham, United Kingdom

Belton Lane Bridge, located in Grantham UK, crossing Whitham River, had an old bituminous sheet waterproofing layer overlaid with an old worn asphalt concrete as base and wearing course. Due to the bad conditions ingress of water started to attack the concrete of the walk ways and the road. The total surface to be refurbished was 220m².

Aberdeen harbour concrete project
Aberdeen harbour concrete project

Project Requirements

Lincolnshire County Council decided to take away the whole existing system, including the bituminous sheets, level out the slightly attacked concrete surface and install a crack bridging, fast curing, spray applied waterproofing membrane, covered with an asphalt concrete overlay and wearing course, tested and certified according the BBA -HAPA S standard.

Sika Solutions

Sika offered the fast curing, already ETA 033 certified bridge deck waterproofing system. The system consists of the fast setting Sika® concrete primer, the spray applied, fast curing Sikalastic®-841 ST membrane and the tack coat to the asphalt overlay made of Sika® Concrete Primer broadcast with Sikalastic®-827 LT hot pelt pellets. This system is fully bonded to the concrete substrate and the asphalt overlay, and it provides excellent adhesion and shear strength. The project has also been used as the trial bridge for the BBA -HAPA S Certificate. A BBA Inspector was on site all the time to evaluate the work and the performance.