Sika® Waterbar PVC-P

Sika Waterbar® made from PVC-P can be used as flexible waterstops and are designed for the sealing of movement (expansion) and construction joints in new watertight concrete structures.

It is available in a range of different types, shapes and sizes to suit different types of structures and joint sealing applications.

Watertight joint sealing in new concrete structures, including solutions for both movement (expansion) and construction joints. Typical structures include:

  • Residential building basements
  • Commercial building basements
  • Underground car parks
  • Water retaining structures and water treatment plants

Further waterbar products are available, please speak to Sika Technical Services for further information.

Below grade basement waterproofing system with waterbar and concrete pile caps

Features & Benefits:

  • High tensile strength and elongation
  • Permanent flexibility
  • Suitable for low to medium levels of hydrostatic water pressure
  • Resistant to all natural mediums in soil and groundwater
  • Resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals
  • Robust products designed for handling and installation on site
  • Suitable for thermal welding in shop and on site
Illustration showing wall to slab detail with Sika waterbar and expansion joint in concrete