Sikafloor®-440 Level Fibre Reinforced

Heat-resistant, fibre reinforced self levelling compound

Sikafloor®-440 Level Fibre Reinforced is a fibre and polymer reinforced, flexible, high strength cement based levelling compound, designed specifically for use with underfloor heating and for application over wooden floors. Once mixed with water, Sikafloor®-440 Level Fibre Reinforced produces a smooth self-levelling compound which dries to a tough flexible finish which may then be overlaid with most common floor coverings or left as a final wearing surface. 

  • Rapid setting and may be walked on in 3 hours
  • Can be overlaid with ceramic tiles after only                4-5 hours at normal temperatures. 
  • Strong enough to accept light vehicular traffic
  • Can be overlaid with a suitable covering or used as a final wearing surface
  • Designed for the embedment of underfloor heating elements