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For some projects, there is a substantial advantage to apply all layers of a floor system in just one day. It reduces the number of trips to and from the site. It also ensures a highly productive and cost-effective application process on construction sites. Time saved from being on the road can be invested in new projects.

Complete More Projects in the Same Time

Rapid application of grey liquid epoxy fast curing flooring with time speedometer

New epoxy and polyurethane technologies are now available to significantly accelerate the curing time of flooring primer and/or coating.  This allows flooring contractors to apply all layers of a floor system in just one day. This way, they can complete five flooring jobs instead of two to three within a week, if they use fast-curing products instead of standard flooring products.


Number of Job Sites Completed in One Week
Comparison bar graph standard epoxy floor versus Sikafloor fast curing epoxy floor number of projects per week

Check the New Curing Times and Calculate Your Benefit

Use the Free Web-based Calculator

You can quickly calculate the accelerated project time with the online Sikafloor® tool. Enter some information about your project like floor area and application temperature of various coats, and instantly get recommended product quantities and cost estimates.  

No need to download an app to your phone - simply click on the link below to begin using the tool right away!

Hand holding Sikafloor® floor calculator app with yellow floor applied in factory

The Latest Epoxy Development to Boost Productivity

Sikafloor®-1590 Fast-curing Primer and Sikafloor®-2650 Roller Coat

Your Benefits of Sikafloor®-1590 and Sikafloor®-2650

waiting time between individual application steps
projects within the same time
Low VOC, reduced fuel consumption, low odor
Fast curing
even at low temperature
Back to service
installation and handling

Faster Back to Service, More Projects Done!

With our new epoxy primer Sikafloor®-1590 and Sikafloor®-2650 roller coat, the curing time is reduced by more than 50%. This guarantees fast renovation of rooms and rapid return to service. Applicators and customers both benefit from the saved time to increase their efficiency and commercial profitability.

See here the comparison of waiting times till the layers can be walked on (under two standard ambient temperatures).

Illustration of video snapshot comparison of Sikafloor fast epoxy floor primer and roller coat with standard epoxy floor application time
Comparison time for floor ready for use between standard epoxy floor application time and Sikafloor-1590 coating system faster curing time

Adjust the Curing Time with Accelerators

Aside from using our fast-curing primers and coatings, our accelerators offer a flexible adjustment of the curing time that can react to short-term changes of construction site conditions - exactly according to your requirements!

Sikafloor®-54 Booster for epoxy flooring systems

The turbo for epoxy resins, Sikafloor®-54 Booster, accelerates curing time to ensure fast renovation of rooms and rapid return-to-use of the floors.

Depending on the project scope, substrate temperature and size of the application team, the accelerator can be added to the standard or the already fast-curing new epoxy-based products.

Sikafloor®-3000 Snapbooster for PU flooring systems

Sikafloor®- 3000 Snapbooster makes the flooring layer extremely fast curing, while the open time for application remains unchanged.

However, the subsequent curing process is significantly accelerated. This enables the application of all layers of the floor system within a single day, which is particularly important for time-critical projects.

Sikafloor-3000 components buckets mixed with Snapbooster drops

One-Stop-Job Flooring Using Sikafloor® Fast-curing Products

The Accelerated Standard
Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-26 N

Fast-curing, smooth, colored epoxy floor coating

The Fast One
Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-11

Fastest-curing, low odor, colored epoxy roller coat floor system

The Decorative One
Sika ComfortFloor® PS-24 / Marble FX

Decorative, UV stable, elastic, low VOC polyurethane floor coating