Solutions for New Challenges

Sika’s long history of innovation has led to unparalleled success in becoming a recognized global technology leader in many markets, as well as creating value for Sika’s customers. While investing in established and new technology centers around the world, the company also nurtures and develops an international network of scientists, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Excellent Ideas and Know-how need Protection

Innovation has a long-standing tradition within Sika, and 'courage for innovation' is one of the corporate values. Sika maintains exclusivity over its innovative products through the systematic registration of its intellectual property rights. By the end of 2018, Sika’s patent portfolio included more than 800 unique patent families with more than 3,400 single national patents.

Local Technology Centers
Single National Patents
20 Regional Technology Center

Cities are Going Vertical

Urbanization is one of the most prominent megatrends. It is characterized by greater densification, more high-rise buildings, larger building complexes, and growing demand for infrastructure services. At the same time, the quality requirements that buildings have to meet are rising in response to increased safety and sustainability regulations, lack of space, or dense traffic. Sika has the solutions to overcome these challenges in partnership with customers and is set to benefit from this trend.

3 D Printing Turned into an Asset

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3D printing applied to the construction sector offers many advantages, whether in terms of cost, time or durability of materials. The actors  who have embarked on concrete additive manufacturing are more and more  numerous, convinced of the benefits that 3D technologies can bring. Sika uses 3D concrete printing to design structures more efficiently. It has developed its printing material and  its process, which is faster than other systems on the market today.   

Flying High with Concrete

Tec Crete is delivering all the concrete for the One Vanderbilt office skyscraper using concrete admixtures sourced entirely from Sika. Michael G. Gisonda (Jr.), Sales & Quality Control Manager at Tec Crete, and son of the company founder, explains why.