Global trends, such as climate change and raw materials scarcity, increasing urbanisation, and population growth confront companies and communities with major economic, social, and ecological challenges. Efficient use of energy and resources is crucial for sustainable development. Sika believes that energy efficiency and mitigation of emissions are key success factors of its overall efficiency efforts. 


Environment, Safety, and Sustainability

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Sika maintains a strong focus on safety, quality, responsible growth, and value creation during all business activities. Sika delegates the responsibility for environmental compliance to the operating subsidiaries. They all sustain a management system according to ISO 14001, which includes legal compliance and a compliance assurance mechanism with internal and external controls.

EcoVadis CSR Rating: Gold for Sika

Ecovadis Gold Rating for Sika

Sika has been awarded a Gold medal as a recognition of their EcoVadis CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rating. The assessment focuses on 21 issues, which are grouped into 4 themes: Environment, Labour Practices & Human Rights, Fair Business Practices, and Sustainable Procurement. 

EcoVadis provides solutions for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains. Using innovative technology and sustainability expertise, the organisation strives to engage companies and help them adopt sustainable practices.


Production of sandwich panel elements in a manufacturing factory
Sika Corporate Management System 

Sika sets defined standards for risk provisions that are binding for its production and logistics operations. These standards form part of the Group-wide “Sika Corporate Management System” and determine, for example, processes and guidelines in the areas of purchasing, quality, environment, health, and safety.  

Together with the statutory regulations, the standards are also documented in the management systems of local Sika companies.

Additionally, Sika production companies are certified to ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental protection), and many also to OHSAS 18001 (safety and health). A growing number of larger facilities are also certified to ISO 50001 (energy management).

Audits and inspections are core elements of Sika’s comprehensive management system. They provide management at Group, regional, and local company levels with a regular, independent assessment of compliance with official requirements, as well as with Sika’s internal risk management guidelines and principles. The audits and inspections ensure the effectiveness of processes and related controls. Quality, environment, health, safety, loss prevention and business interruption, product development and technology, legal matters, application risks, IT security, suppliers and products are all subject to audit.



Sika Team

Global Procurement is responsible for the reliable and timely provision of raw materials, packaging materials, deliveries from third parties, technical equipment and services. Through this, Sika can not only satisfy the highest quality expectations, but can also meet social and environmental requirements and use new technologies in the best possible ways.

Thanks to the internationally interconnected procurement Sika possesses comprehensive know-how and a high level of competence in all important delivery markets. Sika has organised the procurement sector according to technology categories in order to achieve fast and targeted collaboration with technology departments, production sites and supply partners. The following technologies are included:

  • Adhesive Systems 
  • Cementitious Systems 
  • Coatings & Resins
  • Concrete Materials 
  • Packaging 
  • Thermoplastics

Each of the technologies is led by a globally responsible member of staff as well as by regional teams.

Product Development

For products and services, Sika implements a structured product development process. The Group monitors ecological and safety aspects during the development, production, and product-handling stages. For this purpose, it has introduced the specific checking of new developments against a sustainability profile. Sika also focuses on market opportunities and risks, product sustainability performance, and the protection of intellectual property.

Sustainably More Productive

Production plant

Sika is constantly striving to improve operational efficiency. To achieve the ambitious strategic target to reduce costs, Sika is pursuing four key initiatives: efficiency in production, optimised logistics, formulation efficiency, and efficiency in procurement - including schemes such as smart packaging.

Aside from economic aspects, the ecological impact is guiding these initiatives. When planning and executing efficiency measures, factors such as minimising the CO2 footprint, reducing waste, or improving the recycling rate are also taken into consideration. Local implementations are showing promising results.